ATS® Homecoming staff and volunteers decided to do something a little bit different this year.  In the past, all instructors were invited.  This year, we invited your FCBD® OG favorites and decided to open the remaining workshop spaces to YOU!  We wanted to celebrate the amazing amount of skill and creativity in our community.

We received 86 workshop proposals from 65 potential instructors.  We had 12 open workshop spaces.

Review Committee

We also decided to create a review panel to make the decisions about which workshops would be included in the final program.  Review panel members were selected because of their demonstrated leadership in our community.  They are:

Anita Lalwani (FCBD, US)

Lenay Dunn (Kamalah Tribal, US)

Diana Saylor (Elm City Shimmy, US)

Freddie Kaz (Germany)

Kelley Beeston (Kalash Tribal, UK)

The Process

Terri consolidated all of the proposals into three tracks-


Movement Dialect/Props


If she wasn’t sure which track a workshop fit into, she allowed the proposed instructor to decide.

The reviewers used an evaluation rubric to score each individual proposal.

The Rubric

We knew that we wanted to utilize a rubric for review to allow us to compare scores between reviewers in order to determine the top workshops.

Lenay Dunn created a weighted rubric that measured the following elements of each workshop proposal:

Fit with ATS® Homecoming
How well does this workshop fit with the overall curriculum?  Does it duplicate anything that a FCBD instructor is offering? This category was worth 40 points.

Workshop Merit
How well does the description explain what the instructor proposes to do?  Is it a reasonable amount of material for the time allotted?  Will it appeal to workshop participants? This category was worth 30 points.

Instructor Quality
Is this instructor qualified to teach at Homecoming?  Is this instructor the best person to teach this workshop?  This category was worth 20 points.

Instructor Commitment to Homecoming
Has this instructor attended Homecoming in the past?  Has this instructor presented a poster session or taught at HC?  This category was worth 10 points.

The Final Decisions

Once all of the reviewers completed their scoring, they sent their top scoring workshops to Terri along with several runners up for each track.  Fortunately, the reviewers agreed upon almost all of the workshops that were selected.  In cases where there wasn’t 100% agreement, Terri selected the top scoring workshops from each reviewer to be included in the final curriculum.

We are excited to announce the final selections.  Stay tuned for the entire curriculum!  Registration opens on Feb 29.