We are so pleased to announce the Magical Fashions Healing Room for ATS® Homecoming 2017.

You asked for a focus on more self-care during the busy weekend.  Thanks to Krishna Dave, from Magical Fashions, we will be able to give it to you!

Planning is still underway, but we know that we will have a conference room away from the action (the exact room we used for lecture workshops last year).  You will find a quiet place to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind.  We will have a place to do yoga and stretching, quiet music, hot tea and more.  We will have Reiki practitioners and massage therapists with whom you can schedule sessions.  We may even have some henna artists!

Stay tuned for more information and please contact us if you would like to offer your services.

Special thanks to our planning committee Gaia Sophia, Anita Lalwani and Laura Murphy.