I have been thinking about this question for some time.  I wanted to respond to you with something meaningful and not just merely the first word off the top of my head.  My philosophy in life is that you share the light, supporting, helping, guiding, nurturing; looking for the positive side of the situation. In difficult times, asking what is it I am supposed to learn?
I decided to poll my family and my students to see what I could garner from their thoughts and opinions.
My family, came up with patient, leads by example, nurturing, seeks to understand, life coach.
My students came up with this list.  You don’t need to scroll through and read them all.  I am trying to find a common theme.  My husband says I bring out the best in people, but is that really a super power?
I highlighted buzz words and phrases. I guess you could say I took your question to heart.
Medoldy’s family, friends and students all agreed that she brings out the best in everyone.  That is her ATS® Power