Movement Dialect / Props

A Cappella Zils

January 20, 2017 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Dawn Ruckert

A Cappella Zils (or Dancing To Your Own Music)

Sometimes the way to get people’s attention in a really noisy room is to speak softly. This same advice can apply to zilling. As Dayanimsa demonstrated in last year’s Homecoming performance, dancing to your own zilling (no prerecorded music) is a powerful way for you or your troupe to capture your audience’s attention. As ATS® dancers, we are comfortable with utilizing the triplet and military patterns in our performance. Now, let’s add an additional pattern (Beledi) to our a cappella zil performance that can add depth and diversity to your set. We will take these three zil patterns and work on how to cue a change in the zil pattern just like you would cue a new step—without the use of music—just zils.

This fun and challenging workshop is geared toward the intermediate to advanced dancer. (limit 50 students)