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ATS® and the Power of the Circle

January 22, 2017 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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ATS Sisters Collective

Dancing in a circle is an ancient tradition common to many cultures for marking special occasions, rituals, strengthening community and encouraging togetherness. The dance can also be enjoyed as an uplifting group experience or as part of a meditation.

We will look at the usage of the circle in ATS® Bellydance: we use the circle as a transition or as a formation itself, and we also use it a lot in class, as a practice tool. We will have a good look at the circle as transition in the classic formations such as duet, trio and quartet, using slow and fast steps. Using the circle as a transition for chorus and soloists can be challenging – we will have lots of time to practice this powerful usage of the circle, in mesmerizing slow and swift fast steps.

Building on the foundational usage of the circle in ATS® Bellydance we will have a look at the more complex and advanced concepts of dancing in a circle. Let’s step away from the more functional, and develop into the beauty of lines and angles when using the circle as a formation itself. We will take slow and fast ATS® steps and present them in a complete new way – with lots of practice time! [Limit 50 students]