Staff and Volunteers



ATS® Homecoming 2017 would not be possible without a dedicated staff of volunteers.


Co-Producers: Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and Terri Allred

Production Team: Lisa Allred, Dawn Ruckert, Cat Ellen, Diana Saylor

Registration: Janet Taylor and Cat Ellen

Website: Janet Taylor and Cat Ellen

Vending: Dawn Ruckert

Hospitality: Lisa Allred

Workshop Review Team: Freddie Kaz, Lenay Dunn, Diana Saylor, Kelley Beeston, Anita Lalwani, Terri Allred

Sound, Video and Tech: Alex Sanchez and DJAmar

Photography: Carrie Meyer of The Dancer’s Eye


“What an amazing weekend! ATS Homecoming filled a void that I didn’t even know I had. Thank you so much for all of the blood, sweat and stress that goes into putting on an event of this size. My heart is feeling so full…thank you Terri Allred, Lisa Allred, Carolena and all of the amazing staff and volunteers. You have created a space where I can reconnect with my dancer sisters from around globe.”

Seba Blanchard, WildCard BellyDance