“The ATS Homecoming experience was more than I ever could have imagined. 300 sisters and a handful of my brothers from all over the world came together as one. We learned, danced, networked, met new friends and hugged existing ones. The vending was beautiful, and the support staff filled the magical parts of our performances. The instructors were amazing! Carolena ended our session with dancing in flow. I was felt a flood of emotion as we wrapped up our time. So much love and respect was present. I am still riding on the high we all came from!” Amina, Salt Lake City Tribal

Vending Hours at ATS® Homecoming 2017

Friday: 9am-5:30pm; 7-10:30pm

Saturday: 9am-5:30pm; 7-10:30pm

Sunday: 8:30am-4:30pm

We are so pleased to announce our ATS® Homecoming 2017: ATS Powers…. Activate Vendors!!

Electric Vardo/ Underground Nomads

 Magical Fashions


Super Natural Flowers

Fool Proof

Sandi’s Ocean

Diva Dreads

Klinker Closet

Anaya Tribal

Irie Tribal

Tribal Art Wear

World Emporium Kiosk

The Dancer’s Eye

The Eyes Have It

Shiviti Bazaar by Zahara Solomon

Saroyan Cymbals

Shavonni Treasures

Emerald Caravan

What’s In Store

Geisha Moth


ATS® Cooperative including:

Third Eye Tribal

Belly Dance Business Academy


Twisted Gypsy

Anja Tribal

Sakkara Clothing and Costume

Desiree’s Treasures Vintage and Modern Assuit


ATS® Cooperative including:

Cat Ellen- Floral hair clips

Clara Ortiz- Jewelry and handmade shawls from Columbia

Karen Hoover- Motives Cosmetics, handmade jewelry and hair things

Kaye Shannon- Pantaloons, sweater sleeves and other fun textile accessories

Krisztina Naz-Clark- DVDs

Maria Laurenco- Skirts, belts, accessories and flowers from Brasil

Sharon Walker- Clothing: headbands, bloomers and cover ups

Valeria Heyneman- Neals Yard Remedies organic and non GMO skin care and fragrance products